Dr. Maria Galve Villa, Ph.D., MSc, BSc Physiotherapy

I’m Maria, a passionate chronic pain management Physiotherapist with a strong evidence-based foundation. I also provide support for long COVID rehabilitation. I am currently based in Galway (Ireland). I am a member of the Irish Society of Charted Physiotherapists (ISCP).

I have worked for over 10 years internationally (in Spain, Ireland, and Denmark) in the field of musculoskeletal chronic or persistent pain integrating neurophysiology, psychology, and functional rehabilitation elements. I have a Ph.D. in this area, specializing in the use of digital health to map and track pain symptoms over time.

I lecture, educate, speak and provide support and guidance to patients with chronic pain and their relatives.

My overall vision is to provide a 360° approach to people with chronic pain and long COVID to manage their symptoms and get back to what they love.